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Unified procurement of green quality materials, fake one lose ten


The decoration quotation is equal to the completion price and the cost is 0 increase


Enterprise trust, customer service exceeds 2000


10 years of precipitation, accumulated rich experience in the industry


Senior design and construction customer service team, one to one service


One-stop matching, instant response, so that you save time and worry

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Shanghai Tuo Xun Advertising Co., Ltd. is a professional organization integrating creative planning, design, construction, operation and management of commercial exhibitions, exhibition halls, event meetings, commercial space, indoor and outdoor decoration projects. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has branches in Beijing and Guangzhou. Professional quality, global service.
Our core service is through scientific and effective international design and brand management, to help customers show outstanding brand strength, to help more Chinese enterprises to shape an international brand image, in the world to establish an excellent brand image and cultural style of Chinese enterprises. We believe in the power of professionalism, through the presentation of innovative and effective solutions, constantly exceeding customer expectations, thus becoming its ideal partner. Deep expansion of design and commercial value, with the power of brand vision to achieve customer business goals, drive the sustainable development of enterprises.
We are honored to cooperate with friends from all walks of life on the way to the rapid development of convention and Exhibition industry. We are willing to share the joy of success with you by virtue of professional skills, rich experience and dedicated service.

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Service Process

Preliminary communication consultation

Customer s initial communication and consultation to express basic needs

Door-to-door negotiation needs

Arrange professional field design team to visit the scene and communicate with each other in detail

Provide solutions

Study customer needs and provide solutions

Contract signing up

After the customer satisfaction plan, sign the contract and refine the execution plan



Principles and requirements for exhibition booth design and construction

The appearance of booth design is to enhance the corporate image of exhibitors and publicize the products of the company In the early stage of the exhibition, a booth design scheme is needed This scheme will lead the exhibitors to complete the whole pro…


High end commercial space solution

High-end commercial space exhibition design is a comprehensive design art, is a practical, visual art-based space design It is a reflection of the audience s psychology, thoughts and behaviors …


High end industrial design exhibition program

Brand display space should be combined with the characteristics of brand products and the cultural concept of the brand to formulate space theme, give space concept, …


China's first exhibition, preparations for the 124 Canton Fair

At the 124th Canton Fair Leading Committee held on October 14, Li Jinqi, Vice-Director and Secretary-General of the Canton Fair and Director of the Foreign Trade Center, introduced the preparations for the 124th Canton Fair …


Why does the company want to participate in the exhibition, after you see it!

First of all, because the online exhibition is professional enough! The target group is precise enough! Think about the online platform, although the flow of people is large, the face of a wide range of groups, but the target population is accurate?…


How can the exhibition booth design reflect the brand of an enterprise?

The design and construction of the exhibition stand should be embodied in strengthening the image of the enterpri …

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